Kathy Garrett Lacivita

Kathy Garrett Lacivita

Director of Client Services

A savvy and passionate communicator, Kathy has the masterful ability to see the big picture, focus on the details and connect the dots to solve the puzzle. She easily adapts to any client situation, defining needs, finding solutions and setting the course for success.

She channels her love of strategic communications into coordinating and prioritizing resources across client projects, managing links between projects and analyzing overall project benefits and risks.

At ruckus., Kathy’s passion for her work is contagious, and her quick-wit keeps everyone on their toes.

She draws upon the diversity of her client background, from healthcare and consumer goods to the non-profit sector, bringing diverse thinking to each situation.

When she’s not noodling on new ideas for clients, Kathy can be found whipping up concoctions in the kitchen, wandering aimlessly in art museums, or honing her skills as a fashionista with a rabid focus on footwear.