Our Purpose

The heart of humanity.

When we reach people and truly connect, the world can be a better place. That’s what we live for.


We’ve been sharpening our craft for more than 15 years. In an industry that’s sometimes overrun by hyperbole and over-promises, we continue to value clarity, integrity and honesty. We ensure that we’re always doing the right thing, even when it’s the hard thing. It’s not about us and never has been.

Creating Impact.

Ambition for the best creative leads all of us. We care about the quality and integrity of our work above all else. Our deeply collaborative creative team designs beautiful digital and physical experiences that bring value to the lives of users.

We strive to create work that adds value to people’s lives, not noise. We believe our industry needs to be transformed to create things people actually want and welcome.

We believe the path to world-class work is through rigorous creative strategy that has clear and measurable objectives and is rooted in Brand Purpose. Our strategy capabilities span business consulting, brand planning, data science and research.

For businesses of every shape, size and revenue model, we believe that creating performance-focused systems help businesses understand and predict patterns of consumer behavior. We enable organizations to reach users more effectively with optimized experiences and targeted content across the digital ecosystem.

By finding new innovative solutions, we give ourselves the power to turn traditional client-ships into long-standing partnerships.

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Ruckus Team

Dan Croft Director of Client Services Emily Griffin Account Coordinator Finn Paige Creative Director Susan Masucci Founder & CEO Sarah Grimaldi HR & Accounting Manager Steve Galpin Senior Art Director Alex Wall Art Director Lisa Luther Director of Communications Logan Dehlin Content Creator

Core Values.


See the job through with energy, no matter what surprises or challenges emerge.


Put people first in practical and unexpected ways. Plan, work, and succeed as a team while maintaining professionalism.


Take ownership and accountability, even when it’s hard. Care enough to do it right, even when no one’s looking.


Take risks, break convention, and find new ways to make things more creative.

Lovers of Detail

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