Brian Reed

VP, Creative Director

Brian has an eye for design and a mind for detail. With more than 20 years’ experience, he is one of the original creatives at ruckus. His extensive knowledge of art direction, photography and production has come through in his seamless and sophisticated designs since day one in 2006. With verve for high-end design, he is inspired by design-based mediums like visual art, music, clothing and furniture.

Brian began his career at the prestigious Westinghouse where Paul Rand, an icon in branding and design, was an integral part in developing the Corporate Communications design group. He was a Senior Designer for Westinghouse when they purchased CBS in 1995 and became Westinghouse Source W Media. He created design for both companies in addition to external clients. Brian relocated to Jacksonville in 1997 and worked as Senior Art Director for SuperStock Photography and then as Director of Photography for Ja-Ru, a global toy company. Brian is an Art Institute of Pittsburgh alumnus.